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Glen Lasio, artist and printer

18 May 2022

I came across the spaces of GATE44 by chance, or rather, thanks to the invitation of a friend who was an auctioneer for one evening: an exceptional auction of artist proofs between photography, painting, illustration, which it started from a popular figure and that for one evening made me feel happy to live in a […]

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LaChapelle and his miracles

3 May 2022

For this first of the month – best wishes to all workers! – FrameS could have talked about something other than photography, since it has been touched so many times and among our inspirations there are many other arts, together with literature, architecture, food, and everything you encounter. during a nice trip to discover new […]

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Photography to become children again: Sicily and Francesco Faraci

19 April 2022

He says that he doesn’t like talking about photography, that he prefers to talk about life, but when the first happens in the second, without asking permission – “I actually wanted to write”, explains he, who has studied sociology and anthropology and is struggling with a novel – they become inseparable, and you don’t know […]

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Alberto di Lenardo – Long live the untold photography

1 April 2022

words by @ale_theia The frame is the small car park which also overlooks the Nuovo Cinema Sacher, a stone’s throw from Porta Portese, four from the Testaccio district, across the river like the Orange Garden from which you can admire all of Rome, and from the main square of Trastevere, on the steps of whose […]

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Exhibitions that bloom in spring

21 March 2022

Spring is blossoming today, inaugurating one of the best parts of the year, and in recent weeks many exhibitions in Italy and abroad are also opening. FrameS has identified the most interesting and collected them below to allow you to plan some escape based on art and photography with the arrival of summer. In Vizzini, […]

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Blasco Giurato: cinema as transitory art

It was the 1960s, a period of existential revolution for many. “I should have followed in my father’s footsteps and become a diplomacy, and after titanic struggles to get a baccalaureate I went to enroll in political science, when my fate was completely upset.” Coming from his neighborhood in northern Rome, Blasco Giurato missed the […]

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Back to New York, my personal photo tour

1 March 2022

Until a few months ago, the very idea of ​​embarking on a trip to the United States would have seemed like science fiction. For various reasons, not least the difficulties associated with each move during the pandemic, my distance from New York, from work colleagues and also from his inspirations and suggestions seemed to have […]

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Raffaella Perna: art, photography and feminism are inseparable

20 February 2022

“Much of the art of the second half of the twentieth century went in the direction of putting authorship in crisis and questioning, and the women who had to do it, even in spite of themselves, succeeded very well and are still very current, very more than their male colleagues – perhaps they are biased, […]

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Fake it until you make it

1 February 2022

words by @ale_theia It happens today in fashion, it has happened for centuries and centuries in art: we have always been used to considering copies and imitations as “fakes”, created in bad faith to be sold on the market as originals, possibly with the same price – and in the case of a Picasso painting […]

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Scarpa and Olivetti, a love story in Venezia

20 January 2022

According to the critic Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti, it is “one of the clearest masterpieces of contemporary architecture.” The Olivetti shop, designed in 1958 by Carlo Scarpa on behalf of Adriano Olivetti and inaugurated in 1959, a year before the great entrepreneur’s death , is a jewel in the heart of Venice. Elena Borghello tells us […]

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3 books for 2022

3 January 2022

Here is 2022, another year that has made us want and which has filled us with hope again, after a 2020 that taught us that anything can happen, for better or worse, and a 2021 that made us remember that cycles and change take longer than expected. The year that begins will also be made […]

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Eleonora Vittorini Orgeas: restauration and preservation of our memory

17 December 2021

Looking at a work of art, it often happens to get excited, reflect, recall all those times in which we have seen it printed in history books. We study the life and the production of the mind that thought it up and with his hands then painted, frescoed and sculpted it. We praise the curator […]

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Passage to Paris

1 December 2021

words by @ale_theia I have recently been to Paris. If I had to place my passage more precisely, I would say to follow with respect to the last work, posthumous but as always surprising – perhaps for this more – by Christo, who packed up the Arc de Triomphe, one of the symbols of the […]

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