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The call of Jack London, adventurer and traveler of the last century

1 March 2021

Jack London is one of those writers who meet as a child, with novels such as “The Call of the Wind” (1904) or “White Fang” (White Fang, 1906). I remember that I read them both in elementary and middle school, on the advice of teachers and on the occasion of an exchange of books with […]

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T14: the pleasure of returning to the gallery

17 February 2021

It is called “Abglanz“, a German term that indicates a pale “reflection” or a distant echo, and is the first solo exhibition of Alina Maria Frieske, an artist based in Berlin. It is with this exhibition that Matilde Scaramellini and Elena Vaninetti inaugurate 2021 of Twenty14, the curatorial project born in 2014 that has been […]

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1 February 2021

Words by @Ale_theia    In recent weeks, the images arriving from the United States have given us an air of hope and renewal. With the parenthesis of Trumpism closed, which will leave its effects visible and invisible for some time to come, many of the images that tell the story of the overseas country focus […]

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Luca Zanoni: backstage of perfection

17 January 2021

Words by @ale_theia   Get out of your head the romanticized image of the photographer who with his digital camera – or film, to give that even more cinematic taste of an old film, at least of a film prior to the distant 2004 – moves alone like a flaneur in search of the moment […]

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Safe travel and happy 2021.

1 January 2021

“Ithaca gave you the beautiful journey / Without her you would not set off / He has nothing more to give you. / And if you find her poor, Ithaca has not deceived you / Reduce so wise, so experienced, / you will have understood what an Ithaca means. “ (from Itaca by C. Kavafis) […]

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Francesca Baraghini: art and craft of journalism and storytelling

18 December 2020

For those following TG8 or for the former followers of Sky TG24, the face of Francesca Baraghini and her red hair, her deep voice and her gab should be familiar. I first saw her watching Sky, where a few month ago she was conducting the news and skyline, while and now she’s covering in a […]

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Fairy tales do not exist – except in Sir Cecil Beaton’s photographs

1 December 2020

The new season of The Crown, the wonderful Netflix series that tells the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the British royal family since 1947, has just been released. Winner of eight Golden Globes and three Emmy Awards, the series is treated in detail, from the faithful historical reconstruction to the choice of actors, and […]

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Giulia Brivio: taking care of (contemporary) art

17 November 2020

  “As the readership swells and the need for communicative art-writing skyrockets, we notice that – although some art-texts are well-informed, imaginatively written, and genuinely illuminating – much contemporary art-writing remains barely comprehensible”, writes Gilda Williams in first pages of his text How to write about contemporary art. It is not easy to talk about […]

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When freedom to travel is only postponed

1 November 2020

Dear travelers, 2020 is the year in which, among the many uncertainties, we have also seen our possibility of traveling being questioned as we have been used to conceiving it, whether it was for a work commitment or for a weekend of pleasure, equipped with the essential, like our inseparable briefcase bag as perfect hand […]

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Everything the books tell us: searching for inspiration with Stefania Ciocca.

17 October 2020

There are lives that seem made on purpose to become, without even the help of a bit of fiction, perfect plots for a book, a film, in short, a story to tell. Looking at them carefully, the life of each of us, even the most apparently boring one, if well scripted, could lend itself to […]

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Navigating an ocean of books: the contemporary atlas for literature

1 October 2020

words by @ale_theia It has been at least five years since I read Shipping out, David Foster Wallace’s essay about his first and last experience aboard a Caribbean cruise, first published in 1996 on commission from Harper’s Magazine, and then finished along with other essays in the collection A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do […]

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The fabolous ’90s, New York and the catwalks …

17 September 2020

words by @ale_theia Do you remember the nineties? Probably yes, and there is no need to dig too much into the memory, since recently the fashion of those years has become trendy again, not only rescued to put it on the catwalk, as always happens in the eternal cycle of trends that are repeated and […]

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Photography as a search for happiness. Reflections on (of us, thanks to) Jacques Henri Lartigue

2 September 2020

Words by @ale_theia Dear traveller, why do we photograph?   To remember better, to find something or someone from the present in the near future, to collect or catalogue? Someone might answer: to share, to give, to make known and to tell. To inform, document a change. Or to not let go? To live a […]

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