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Stefania Quintajé, from le Marche to FrameS

17 October 2021

words by @ale_theia   Today’s episode, you will grant us it, is a bit self-referential. To put it in a way that arouses your curiosity, it’s a kind of behind the scenes. In fact, she retraces Stefania’s path, from her origins in the Marche to her professional history as a Legal Counsel, brilliantly conducted in […]

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RIVA: a bridge between art and science

17 September 2021

Communicating well, in any context and language, is not a trivial or immediate job. Doing it clearly and accurately in the context of scientific research is even more challenging. From this awareness – and from complementary and shared skills – RIVA Illustrations was born, the international, intersectoral and interdisciplinary agency that aims to communicate Research […]

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Richard Brown Baker, how a true collector works

3 September 2021

“Mr. Baker was a tall and reserved man, prone to self-irony and gifted with the extraordinary ability to seem detached and affable at the same time. Known as ‘the collector of collectors’, he decided in the mid-fifties that ‘it would be useful and challenging to buy the work of living, young and as yet unsettled […]

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Marzio Toniolo, travelling on a river of inspirations

17 August 2021

In the last episode of Frames we promised you that we would talk about travel, and we do it with one of those people who have managed to express this concept in many and splendid different ways. Marzio Toniolo, born in 1984, was born in Ponte dell’Olio, in the province of Piacenza, and after childhood […]

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Keep on cruising

1 August 2021

words by @ale_theia As a child I had two dreams: to become a world-famous writer and to go around the world with more calm than Phileas Fogg. I’m still working on the first one, there is always time to make it happen, or at least to continue to believe in it. Stephen King’s book On […]

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Cristina Bedei, stronger together, even in freelance world

17 July 2021

words by @ale_theia    Before Cristiana I met her Sunday newsletter about her, “Jobs for those who write“: she had been recommended to me by a friend, who in turn had discovered her from the forwarding of another friend, and so on. I then discovered that the degree of separation between her and me was […]

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Accidentally Wes Anderson

17 June 2021

words by @ale__theia Accidentally Wes Anderson: I don’t think there can be a more appropriate name for a project born as an Instagram profile in the summer of 2017 from the idea of ​​two people looking for places to visit on an upcoming trip, and has become – in addition to a site and a […]

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Art in frame – to make it doubly immortal

1 June 2021

words by @ale_theia Heading to Chianti for a weekend based on wine, good food – and rain, because the one I chose for my trip was not particularly forgiving in the weather – I let myself be conquered more by the unexpected drifts than by the planned stops . Leaving Milan to break the journey […]

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Massimo Vitali: finding yourself in multitude has no time

17 May 2021

If he could choose one of the moments of his entire career, it would be the one in which he photographed his first beach in Marina di Pietrasanta, unknowingly starting the most satisfying phase of his career as a photographer. Massimo Vitali, photographer born in Como in 1944 and acquired from Tuscany for years, began […]

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If crowds seem madness to us and the images of this time lose their universality

1 May 2021

words by @ale_theia In the last year, especially during the first lockdown, we have become accustomed to those almost metaphysical images of empty cities, an ideal condition for those architectural photographers used to choosing the very first hours of the day for their shots, in the hope of avoiding unwanted extras. inside the frame. Looking […]

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Elena Salmistraro: fantastic worlds and how to find them – at home

17 April 2021

When I think of Elena Salmistraro I think of her ability to create fantastic worlds. In fact, to be a valuable and successful interior designer it is not enough to have a sense of form and the ability to transpose it into a beautiful and usable object, but you need a lot of imagination to […]

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Anna Premoli, the economist who wrote love novels

17 March 2021

For many, those of an economist and a writer of romance novels may seem like two lives so different that they are incompatible with each other. On the one hand the numbers, on the other the feelings. And yet, paradoxically, there is nothing as fluctuating and mood-dependent as purses and stocks, and in the end […]

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8th of March. Look deep where others would go straight.

8 March 2021

It is always difficult not to fall into rhetoric when we celebrate a day like 8 March, International Women’s Rights Day. Especially in years when the “washing” takes on many colors, but in particular the pink linked to gender issues. On the other hand, you also have to go there to conquer an extra segment: […]

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