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The fabolous ’90s, New York and the catwalks …

17 September 2020

words by @ale_theia Do you remember the nineties? Probably yes, and there is no need to dig too much into the memory, since recently the fashion of those years has become trendy again, not only rescued to put it on the catwalk, as always happens in the eternal cycle of trends that are repeated and […]

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Photography as a search for happiness. Reflections on (of us, thanks to) Jacques Henri Lartigue

2 September 2020

Words by @ale_theia Dear traveller, why do we photograph?   To remember better, to find something or someone from the present in the near future, to collect or catalogue? Someone might answer: to share, to give, to make known and to tell. To inform, document a change. Or to not let go? To live a […]

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Photography as a tool to rediscover and find oneself: Sofia Uslenghi

17 August 2020

For many of us, photography is above all memory, a way to find something of the past that has been lost in the meantime, that is now far away or that has simply changed. Photography also allows us to move in space, taking us to places where we experience nostalgia. Photography not only allows us […]

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Frames - Foto Ottica Cavour, Milano

FOTO OTTICA CAVOUR, the contemporary parlor in the heart of Milan preserving photography and quality since 1983

1 August 2020

A giant silver Leica conquers the central shop window, surrounded by new and used lenses, small tripods, digital and analogue cameras. Outside, next to the sign with which Foto Ottica  Cavour of via Fatebenefratelli is presented in the center of Milan, a few steps from the Cathedral and the alleys of Brera, the Leica logo […]

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Milano fotografia Galimberti

No compromises : the contrasts of Giorgio Galimberti, photomaker “In search for an Author”

18 July 2020

We inherit many of our characters and inclinations from our parents, as happens with physical appearance, height, certain details, from the shape of the nails of the hands and ears to the way we walk. Even the passions, with which we are often nourished as children, become legacies, and I always wonder if they are […]

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A new beginning

13 July 2020

Dear travelers, Federico Serrani is starting a new adventure.   With the month of July 2020 the site has changed visually, acquiring new graphics and a new tool bar,  more contemporary and smart,  but also more elegant, to make your experience always pleasant and to make you feel at home.   This new look is […]

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