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Finding poetry

1 April 2021

Last March 21 was not only the first day of a spring that we all looked forward to, to be reborn after a long winter, but World Poetry Day was also celebrated, established by Unesco in 1999. This 2021, in particular, has a special relationship with poetry and verse writing. From the ninetieth anniversary of […]

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If crowds seem madness to us and the images of this time lose their universality

1 May 2021

words by @ale_theia In the last year, especially during the first lockdown, we have become accustomed to those almost metaphysical images of empty cities, an ideal condition for those architectural photographers used to choosing the very first hours of the day for their shots, in the hope of avoiding unwanted extras. inside the frame. Looking […]

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Elena Salmistraro: fantastic worlds and how to find them – at home

17 April 2021

When I think of Elena Salmistraro I think of her ability to create fantastic worlds. In fact, to be a valuable and successful interior designer it is not enough to have a sense of form and the ability to transpose it into a beautiful and usable object, but you need a lot of imagination to […]

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Anna Premoli, the economist who wrote love novels

17 March 2021

For many, those of an economist and a writer of romance novels may seem like two lives so different that they are incompatible with each other. On the one hand the numbers, on the other the feelings. And yet, paradoxically, there is nothing as fluctuating and mood-dependent as purses and stocks, and in the end […]

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8th of March. Look deep where others would go straight.

8 March 2021

It is always difficult not to fall into rhetoric when we celebrate a day like 8 March, International Women’s Rights Day. Especially in years when the “washing” takes on many colors, but in particular the pink linked to gender issues. On the other hand, you also have to go there to conquer an extra segment: […]

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The call of Jack London, adventurer and traveler of the last century

1 March 2021

Jack London is one of those writers who meet as a child, with novels such as “The Call of the Wild” (1904) or “White Fang” (White Fang, 1906). I remember that I read them both in elementary and middle school, on the advice of teachers and on the occasion of an exchange of books with […]

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T14: the pleasure of returning to the gallery

17 February 2021

It is called “Abglanz“, a German term that indicates a pale “reflection” or a distant echo, and is the first solo exhibition of Alina Maria Frieske, an artist based in Berlin. It is with this exhibition that Matilde Scaramellini and Elena Vaninetti inaugurate 2021 of Twenty14, the curatorial project born in 2014 that has been […]

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1 February 2021

Words by @Ale_theia    In recent weeks, the images arriving from the United States have given us an air of hope and renewal. With the parenthesis of Trumpism closed, which will leave its effects visible and invisible for some time to come, many of the images that tell the story of the overseas country focus […]

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Luca Zanoni: backstage of perfection

17 January 2021

Words by @ale_theia   Get out of your head the romanticized image of the photographer who with his digital camera – or film, to give that even more cinematic taste of an old film, at least of a film prior to the distant 2004 – moves alone like a flaneur in search of the moment […]

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Safe travel and happy 2021.

1 January 2021

“Ithaca gave you the beautiful journey / Without her you would not set off / He has nothing more to give you. / And if you find her poor, Ithaca has not deceived you / Reduce so wise, so experienced, / you will have understood what an Ithaca means. “ (from Itaca by C. Kavafis) […]

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Francesca Baraghini: art and craft of journalism and storytelling

18 December 2020

For those following TG8 or for the former followers of Sky TG24, the face of Francesca Baraghini and her red hair, her deep voice and her gab should be familiar. I first saw her watching Sky, where a few month ago she was conducting the news and skyline, while and now she’s covering in a […]

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Fairy tales do not exist – except in Sir Cecil Beaton’s photographs

1 December 2020

The new season of The Crown, the wonderful Netflix series that tells the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the British royal family since 1947, has just been released. Winner of eight Golden Globes and three Emmy Awards, the series is treated in detail, from the faithful historical reconstruction to the choice of actors, and […]

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Giulia Brivio: taking care of (contemporary) art

17 November 2020

  “As the readership swells and the need for communicative art-writing skyrockets, we notice that – although some art-texts are well-informed, imaginatively written, and genuinely illuminating – much contemporary art-writing remains barely comprehensible”, writes Gilda Williams in first pages of his text How to write about contemporary art. It is not easy to talk about […]

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